# Clients

Learn about the client supported by your Haqq node.

# Client Servers

The Haqq client supports both gRPC endpoints (opens new window) from the SDK and Ethereum's JSON-RPC (opens new window).

# Cosmos gRPC and Tendermint RPC

Haqq exposes gRPC endpoints (and REST) for all the integrated Cosmos-SDK modules. This makes it easier for wallets and block explorers to interact with the proof-of-stake logic and native Cosmos transactions and queries:

# Ethereum JSON-RPC server

Haqq also supports most of the standard web3 JSON-RPC APIs to connect with existing web3 tooling.

See the list of supported JSON-RPC API endpoints and namespaces.

To connect to the JSON-PRC server, start the node with the --json-rpc.enable=true flag and define the namespaces that you would like to run using the --evm.rpc.api flag (e.g. "txpool,eth,web3,net,personal". Then, you can point any Ethereum development tooling to http://localhost:8545 or whatever port you choose with the listen address flag (--json-rpc.address).