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This document specifies the internal x/coinomics module of the HAQQ Network.

The x/coinomics module is part of the HAQQ Network tokenomics and aims to increase the growth of the network by distributing rewards to users who stake their coins to network validators. The rewards drive users to delegate coins and participate in governance on HAQQ to improve the sustainability of the services in the network.


  1. Concept
  2. State
  3. ABCI
  4. Events
  5. Keeper
  6. Parameters
  7. Client

Module Architecture


If you're not familiar with the overall module structure from the SDK modules, please check this document as prerequisite reading.

├── client
│ └── cli
│ └── query.go # CLI query commands for the module
├── keeper
│ ├── abci.go # ABCI BeginBlock and EndBlock logic
│ ├── grpc_query.go # gRPC state query handlers
│ ├── inflation.go # Main coin minting calculations logic of the module
│ ├── keeper.go # Store keeper that handles the business logic of the module and has access to a specific subtree of the state tree.
│ ├── migrations.go # The module migration handler
│ ├── mint_info.go # Store state handlers of the module
│ └── params.go # Parameter getter and setter
├── spec
│ └── # The specification of the module
├── types
│ ├── codec.go # Type registration for encoding
│ ├── events.go # Events exposed to the CometBFT PubSub/Websocket
│ ├── genesis.go # Genesis state for the module
│ ├── interfaces.go # The interfaces describing the components of the required modules
│ ├── keys.go # Store keys and utility functions
│ └── params.go # Module parameters that can be customized with governance parameter change proposals
├── genesis.go # ABCI InitGenesis and ExportGenesis functionality
└── module.go # Module setup for the module manager


Islomic Coin Whitepaper describes a minting mechanism in details.

Briefly, ISLM supply is limited to 100 billion coins. Inflation is calculated as a percentage of total bonded coins which is a parameter RewardCoefficient controlled by governance and is initially set to 7.78% (i.e. expected to generate ~7% yield for staked ISLM). In each block, newly minted coins (rewards) are calculated as:

TotalBondedCoins * RewardCoefficient * BlockTimeMs / MsInCurrentYear


The x/coinomics module keeps in the state variable needed to the next mint calculation:

Only KeyPrefixPrevBlockTS in previous block needs to be tracked in state for the next mint calculation. Value of KeyPrefixMaxSupply is assumed to be constant and doesn't change during blocks mining.

KeyPrefixPrevBlockTSTimestamp of the previous block[]byte{1}[]byte{sdk.Int}KV
KeyPrefixMaxSupplyMaximum total ISLM supply[]byte{2}[]byte{sdk.Coin}KV


Begin Block

The x/coinomics module is not involved in Begin Blocker logic.

End Block

The coin mint is calculated, minted and allocated at the end of each block.

Disabling mint

We introduce two parameters : EnableCoinomicsand RewardCoefficient.

RewardCoefficient the current staking reward coefficient value. EnableCoinomics controls the module execution.

  • If EnableCoinomics = false, all calculations and coin minting will be disabled and module will return without further computation.
  • If RewardCoefficient = 0, the amount of coins to be minted is dynamically calculated, minted and allocated upon each block at EndBlock. However, the result of these calculations always will be zero and no coins will be minted.

Enabling mint

To enable coin minting, the following parameters should be set:

  • EnableCoinomics should be true
  • RewardCoefficient should be set to a positive decimal between (0 and 100). It defines the coefficient used to calculate the inflation.


The KeyPrefixPrevBlockTS is initialized at the block height when EnableCoinomics has been set to true to the BlockTime value of previous block. The coin mint is after calculated, minted and allocated according to the time elapsed since in the previous block.

if EnableCoinomics == true {
var yearInMillis sdk.Dec
if isLeapYear {
yearInMillis, _ = sdk.NewDecFromStr("31622400000") // 366 days in milliseconds
} else {
yearInMillis, _ = sdk.NewDecFromStr("31536000000") // 365 days in milliseconds

prevBlockTS, _ := sdk.NewDecFromStr(k.GetPrevBlockTS(ctx).String())
currentBlockTS, _ := sdk.NewDecFromStr(math.NewInt(ctx.BlockTime().UnixMilli()).String())
totalBonded, _ := sdk.NewDecFromStr(k.stakingKeeper.TotalBondedTokens(ctx).String())
rewardCoefficient := params.RewardCoefficient.Quo(sdk.NewDec(100))

blockMint := totalBonded.Mul(rewardCoefficient).Mul((currentBlockTS.Sub(prevBlockTS)).Quo(yearInMillis))


The x/coinomics module doesn't emit any events.


The x/coinomics module provides this exported keeper that can be passed to other modules, which require access to the max supply parameter.

type Keeper interface {
GetMaxSupply(ctx sdk.Context) sdk.Coin


The x/coinomics module contains the following parameters:

KeyTypeDefault ValuesDescription
MintDenomstringaISLMThe denom of the coins to be minted
EnableCoinomicsboolfalseControls the execution of the module logic
RewardCoefficientsdk.Dec7.8The current staking Reward Coefficient value



A user can query and interact with the x/coinomics module using the CLI.


The query commands allow users to query x/coinomics state.

haqqd query coinomics --help
Max Supply

The max-supply command allows users to query the max allowed ISLM supply value.

haqqd query coinomics max-supply [flags]


haqqd query coinomics max-supply ...

Example Output:

max_supply: "100000000000000000000000000000aISLM"
Reward Coefficient

The reward-coefficient command allows users to query the current staking reward coefficient value.

haqqd query coinomics reward-coefficient [flags]


haqqd query coinomics reward-coefficient ...

Example Output:

reward_coefficient: "7.800000000000000000"

The params command allows users to query the current module params.

haqqd query coinomics params [flags]


haqqd query coinomics params ...

Example Output:

mint_denom: "aISLM"
enable_coinomics: true
reward_coefficient: "7.800000000000000000"



gRPChaqq.coinomics.v1.Query/MaxSupplyRequestGet the MaxSupply value
gRPChaqq.coinomics.v1.Query/RewardCoefficientGet the RewardCoefficient value
gRPChaqq.coinomics.v1.Query/ParamsGet the module params
GET/haqq/coinomics/v1/max_supplyGet the MaxSupply value
GET/haqq/coinomics/v1/reward_coefficientGet the RewardCoefficient value
GET/haqq/coinomics/v1/paramsGet the module params