# Haqq Network TestEdge2

# Overview

The current Haqq version of TestEdge2 is v1.3.0 (opens new window).

To bootstrap a TestEdge node, it is possible to sync from v1.3.0 via snapshot or via State Sync.

This document outlines the steps to join an existing testnet

# Quickstart

Install packages:

Copy sudo apt-get install curl git make gcc liblz4-tool build-essential jq bzip2 -y

Preresquisites for compile from source

Build from source:

Download latest binary for your arch:

Release page (opens new window)


build from source

Copy cd $HOME && \ git clone -b v1.3.0 https://github.com/haqq-network/haqq && \ cd haqq && \ make install

To quickly get started, node operators can choose to sync via State Sync (preferred) or by downloading a snapshot.

Run by Tendermint State Sync

Check binary version:

Copy haqq@haqq-node:~# haqqd -v haqqd version "1.3.0" 39b4dcb706e72c187fc23ec6dddcfed20c79bc9d

Write your moniker name

Copy CUSTOM_MONIKER="haqq_node_testedge2"

Cofigure TestEdge2 chain-id

Copy haqqd config chain-id haqq_54211-3

Initialize node

Copy haqqd init CUSTOM_MONIKER --chain-id haqq_54211-3

Generate keys (if you haven't already done it)

We recommend using Tendermint KMS that allows separating key management from Tendermint nodes. It is recommended that the KMS service runs in a separate physical hosts.

Copy haqqd keys add <name>

Prepare genesis file for TestEdge2

Download genesis zip file

Copy curl -OL curl -OL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haqq-network/testnets/main/TestEdge2/genesis.tar.bz2

Unzip file

Copy bzip2 -d genesis.tar.bz2 && tar -xvf genesis.tar

Update genesis file

Copy mv genesis.json $HOME/.haqqd/config/genesis.json

Configure State sync

Download script for state sync auto configuration

Copy curl -OL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haqq-network/testnets/main/TestEdge2/state_sync.sh

List of seeds already included in script

Copy SEEDS="62bf004201a90ce00df6f69390378c3d90f6dd7e@seed2.testedge2.haqq.network:26656,23a1176c9911eac442d6d1bf15f92eeabb3981d5@seed1.testedge2.haqq.network:26656"

Grant rights to the script and execute it

Copy chmod +x state_sync.sh && ./state_sync.sh

Start Haqq node

Copy haqqd start

Upgrade to Validator Node

You now have an active full node. What's the next step? You can upgrade your full node to become a Haqq Validator. The top 100 validators have the ability to propose new blocks to the Haqq Network. Continue onto the Validator Setup (opens new window).

For more advanced information on setting up a node, see the full Join TestEdge Tutorial

# Validators FAQ

If you have any problems with validator setting up you can visit our Validator FAQ page.

# Validator Security

Before starting a node, we recommend that you read the following articles in order to ensure security and prevent gaining access to a node and your test coins.

Validator Security

Validator Security Checklist

Security Best Practices

Tendermint KMS

# Automated Upgrades

We are highly recommend use Cosmovisor for node upgrading. Learn how to automate chain upgrades using Cosmovisor

# Validators community

We are always welcome you as one of our validators. You can join and interacting with other members in our Discord (opens new window).