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Shariah Oracle: A Unique Vetting Mechanism

In the dynamic and evolving ecosystem of the HAQQ Network, all future developments and additions are subject to the approval of the Shariah Board, using a unique vetting mechanism called the Shariah Oracle. This ensures that any changes or additions to the HAQQ Network align with Shariah law, maintaining the network's integrity under Islamic law and fostering trust and reassurance for its users.

Transparency in dApp Integrations

Moreover, the HAQQ Network maintains complete transparency about the status of various dApp integrations within its ecosystem. Users can find a comprehensive list of integration statuses on the official HAQQ Network webpage, located at This feature underscores the network's commitment to openness and transparency, keeping users informed about ongoing developments and improvements and enabling them to make informed decisions.


The incorporation of blockchain technology with Shariah law is a promising step towards creating more inclusive and diverse blockchain environments. This approach not only serves the global Muslim community but also appeals to others who appreciate ethical and sustainable financial practices.