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Vesting: The vesting dApp

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Vesting DApp allows users to manage vesting and view their wallet details, including:

  • Total Balance: The complete overall balance of your wallet.
  • Available Balance: The amount that is free to use for spending and transfers.
  • Locked Balance: The total of coins locked in vesting and staking.

Schedule functionality


If you have ongoing vesting schedules, the site displays the full vesting timeline, details about the next release period, and how many periods remain.

Liquid vesting functionality


Within the HAQQ ecosystem, liquid vesting allows users to convert their locked or vested ISLM tokens into a liquid form, known as aLIQUIDX, with "X", an ordinal number indicating the specific instance of the vested tokens. This ERC-20 token facilitates transfers across various wallets, including Metamask and HAQQ Wallet, enhancing the peer-to-peer (p2p) market for vested ISLM tokens and enabling trading at a discount. This mechanism improves the liquidity of vested tokens, offering users early market value access to their investments before the vesting period concludes.

Users can access this service through the portal, where they can connect their EVM-compatible or HAQQ wallet. The portal provides an option to convert vested ISLM tokens into liquid ERC-20 tokens (aLIQUIDX) and back, simplifying the process for users to alternate between locked ISLM tokens and their liquid state, thereby enhancing liquidity and trading possibilities in the HAQQ ecosystem. Note that while liquid tokens are partially interchangeable, each conversion results in a new denomination of liquid tokens.